Logistics optimization requires solving several visual issues that can be done using some proven mechanisms, among which is ISO 28000.

In March 2022, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published information on the adoption of a new edition of the international standard ISO 28000:2022 «Security and resilience — Security management systems – Requirements» on its website.

This standard focuses on any type of production, management, and logistics activities of the company, seeking to reduce the risks that may occur on the way of production from manufacturer to customer. Among such organizations may be manufacturers of goods that independently carry out full or partial delivery of goods; importers; exporters; customs brokers; carriers; warehouse facilities; forwarding agents; distributors, etc. It applies to all types and sizes of organizations (e.g., commercial enterprises, government or other state institutions and non-profit organizations) that intend to develop, implement, maintain, and improve a security management system.

The standard can be used throughout the lifetime of an organization and is applicable to any activity, internal or external, at all levels.

It is expected that organizations currently certified for compliance with the requirements of ISO 28000: 2007 will be given a 3-year period to implement ISO 28000:2022 and certify for compliance with the requirements of this new standard. During this time, ISO 28000: 2007 certification will continue to be recognized.

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