ISO 37001 allows enterprises to identify, prevent and neutralize the emergence, as well as signs of corruption, regardless of whether they are committed on behalf of the organization, its employees, or business partners.ISO 37001: ANTI-BRIBERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS The anti-corruption management system is based on a number of control measures, concerning the following aspects:

• Adoption of anti-corruption policies and procedures

• Demonstration of leadership by senior management and commitment to anti-corruption policies

• Appointment of an authorized person and determination of the functions for monitoring compliance with the policy.

• Anti-corruption training of personnel

• Assessment of corruption risks associated with specific projects or business partners

• Introduction of financial and commercial controls, development of the art of supply chain management

• Conducting monitoring, investigation, and audit procedures

• Corrective actions and continuous improvementADVANTAGES OF ISO 37001 IMPLEMENTATION:1. ISO 37001 will allow to identify unscrupulous practices and reduce the risks of financial losses associated with corruption2. ISO 37001 will allow to bring your anti-corruption checks in line with international standardsADVANTAGES OF ISO 37001 CERTIFICATION ISO 37001 certification will allow you to do the following:1. Demonstrate that reasonable steps have been taken to prevent corruption in your organization2. Inform your stakeholders of your commitment to the fight against corruption.