The pandemic has rapidly accelerated the trend of various categories of employees to work remotely. Despite the difficulties, some were encountered by both employers and employees. These include: problems with productivity, information security, the inability to work due to difficult circumstances: caring for small children, nursing, etc.

Today, switching to remote work might be the current best COVID-19 response mechanism. But, If the organization transfers its employees to remote work, it is necessary to set the rules and document the procedure of conducting the work remotely. These requirements are described in the SIC.COVID-FREE: 2020 standard and are regulated by the ILO (International Labor Organization) documentation.

The SIC.COVID-FREE:2020 describes measures to minimize the risks of the spread of COVID, and identifies guidelines on remote work.

Certification according to this standard will allow for independent objective control over the development and implementation of anti-covid measures at enterprises of various industries.