The pandemic has forced millions of people to work remotely.
Remote work – it is an alternative way during a pandemic. This mode of work is a perfect way of organizing stuff, in which the employee works from home while continuing to carry out his/her main work duties using information and communication technologies, to ensure business continuity.
All remote workers are required to follow the policies agreed in the company, including:

‣ safety rules;
‣ rules of use information and communication technologies, data privacy and protection;
‣ rules for the protection of intellectual property;
‣ ethical code of the enterprise;
‣ requirements for AntiCOVID-19 Program;
‣ rules for the use of tools and equipment received from the company (for example, laptop computers, software, etc.);
‣ rules related to prevention of discrimination, and harassment, as well as providing equal work opportunities.

If workers are unable to take a public transport or work in the office due to a business closure or emergency, they should contact the manager or the supervisor to continue the work from their home or other suitable location discussed in advance.