One of the most enjoyable opportunities for travelers is the ability to taste the national cuisine of another country. However, finding a restaurant with the appropriate design, which serves authentic dishes of a particular cuisine, rather than their appearance, is not an easy task. The new international standard will help solve this problem.

ISO 21621: 2021 “Tourism and related services – Restaurants with national cuisine – Visual design and service requirements” covers a wide range of requirements and recommendations on the following aspects: interior and exterior design, decoration, table setting, menus and many others.

The authors of the standard (experts from ISO / TC 228 “Tourism and related services”) are confident that compliance with ISO 21621 will demonstrate that the institution fully reflects the cultural and culinary characteristics of the country (ethnic group) and can be called traditional. Therefore, visitors, both local and traveling, will be able to choose their favorite places to eat and spend time well, and pay for the services they expect.

 It is worth noting that this standard will allow restaurants to pass the certification procedure.