No matter what they say about innovations, but any innovation goes beyond simply presenting an innovational idea. As innovating means creating bigger values. And the creation of a certain number of new values requires their proper organization and management. It is the innovation management system that provides a planned and regular approach to innovations and helps you integrate them at any level of your business and organization.

ISO 56002 “Innovation Management — Innovation Management System — Recommendations,” published in July 2019, the world’s first international standard for innovation management, will help you set up your innovation management system. You will find interesting new opportunities for innovative products and services that your organization develops and sells. The highlight of this standard is that it contributes to the achievement of sustainable development goals aimed at creating a stable infrastructure, the development of industrialization, which, in turn, encourages innovation.

The ISO 56002 standard provides the foundation for all aspects of innovation management: from designing and developing innovative ideas to commercializing innovative products or services. International Standard takes into account the context in which your company or organization operates, social influence and corporate culture, internal processes and strategy. It applies to various activities, as well as to business models and organizational forms. In a word, regardless of size, sector of economy or form of enterprise, all organizations without exception can benefit from this.

For many companies, it is not easy to get ahead of competitors and constantly create an increasing number of values. The ISO 56002 standard offers a solution to this dual problem. It helps organizations improve their business opportunities and effectiveness. The bottom line is to constantly evolve and keep up with new trends in the market and in society, generate innovative ideas and develop them from A to Z. In addition, the ISO 56002 standard helps to identify risks and opportunities. By introducing an innovation management system, enterprises and organizations will be able to more effectively develop new valuable propositions and fully realize their potential.If you are an innovative organization, looking far beyond the horizons of the future, rationally and skillfully using modern trends and improving new approaches in your type of activity, the ISO 56002 standard will definitely come in handy. Contact the SIC International Certification System for advice and we will help you!