A new tool has been developed to counter COVID-19 in enterprises

The SIC (System of International Certification) technical committee has developed a new standard for countering coronavirus in manufacturing and service industries SIC.COVID-FREE:2020

This standard defines specific requirements and provides guidelines for the development, implementation, maintenance, analysis, and improvement of the COVID-19 response program.

The requirements of this document are universal and are intended to be applied by all organizations (or their divisions), regardless of the type, size, nature of activity and form of ownership (private, public, state, or nonprofit).

The SIC.COVID-FREE: 2020 Standard Is Eligible for Targeted Certification
Organizations are fully responsible for their contribution to the fight against the spread of coronavirus, and a positive effect in this fight can be achieved with the help of the Anti-COVID-19 program, thanks to the implementation of the SIC.COVID-FREE:2020 standard in enterprises.