System of International Certification

S.I.C. Global (System of International Certification) – is a partnership of organizations providing certification, inspection, and other related services concerning management systems, products and personnel in various fields. Notification in the System is carried out by the Department of Notification or by its authorized members.

Main goals of SIC:

Reduction of the possible risks to the business and customers, which ensures reliability of certificates, diplomas and other documents  issued by the members of SIC;      
Worldwide certificate recognition, which ensures equal access for our clients to global markets.      

       System of International Certification consists of:

  • Notified certification bodies;
  • Partners;
  • Regional representatives.

SIC certification helps businesses overcome technical barriers in international trade by providing equitable access to global markets .

SIC members can offer their customers a wide range of services, including access to services that, due to insufficient market capacity, could not be offered by a separate body at the moment.

Model of cooperation within the frame of SIC is attractive for both business and for its members. The model allows:

– to interact on certification issues directly through a local SIC representative;

– be certified by a local certification body, and, without additional checks, receive a certificate from any of the SIC members due to mutual certificate recognition within SIC;

Notified certification bodies

Notified bodies are certification bodies that have undergone the notification procedure and carry out their activities according to the rules established in the System.



Partners are certification bodies that are accredited according to CASCO standards and have the potential (capabilities, resources, installed services). These certification bodies participate in the accreditation exchange program, providing their accreditation to other members of the system, which allows them to enter the markets of other countries, expand the list of services provided by using accreditations from other partners of the SIC System.
Notified bodies can also be partners of the SIC.

Authorized members

Regional representatives are appointed by representatives of the SIC System in specific regions. Authorized members influence the development and content of the SIC standards and strategy through participation in the activities of the System. Regional representative members are appointed from among the notified bodies.